picking knot wood

The Chinese wood knot is one of the finest Islamic arts that have been popular in Iran since the arrival of Islam.

The art of Chinese knot in Iranian architecture dates back to the Seljuq and Safavid periods, and originated in the city of Isfahan. The Chinese wood knot was commonly used in the construction of entrances, mosquitoes, tombs, openings, and clamps in the windows of palaces and fences.


Define the Chinese node

The Chinese wood knot is referred to as an art piece of wood cutters and stained glass in a variety of geometric, uniform and uniform shapes that are arranged in a constant and repeated frame. In fact, the architecture of graffiti is an integral part of this art.

In the technical term, the Chinese knot is a set of geometric shapes arranged in a harmonious and curved manner in order, order, and shape. In the other definition, the Chinese node is a harmonious combination of complex, rational and attractive geometric shapes that are formed using the right lines.

Chinese node components

Penis: The action unit is called in the penis node. The word in the word means an argument for object object to get to work. In fact, the boundary line itself is around the margin, and the boundary lines are different in different nodes.
Laminating: In node node, it is said that in the form of a knot, it is said to be straight and linear in geometrical shapes and limited in a frame or field. The caliphate can be made of wood, glass or any other genus.


Process of Chinese node production

The method of producing the Chinese knot is initially based on the design and layout of the node based on the size of the work.
Then they cut the corner of the joints on the wood using a paddle, and they use tool tools on the blades.

Tools and materials

The tools of the knots are used as a tool in a workshop there such as a variety of saws (band saws saw saws, drastic saws, hammer saws and miter saws and a variety of hand) grate (full colleague cut tool grate bricks grate grate and grated hands) Backgammon (Ruler) Ruler · Graduated 90 Graduated Graduated Pop-ups (for cups) machine shakes and stone wheels) from a variety of drill hammer and milling file and desk. ..
Of course, a violin of walnut jujube is used to make gutters of forest trees free and beech.


Historical examples of Chinese wood knot

Among the best examples of grazing in Iran, the palace of Ashdod-Shehelzutun and the historic houses of the house of Sheikh al-Islam in Sukiyas in Isfahan and some historical houses in Kashan such as Tabatabai House of the Abbasid house in Boroujerdi and some other types of houses in Yazd and the old towns.