In The Name Of God

Master  Saeid Alizadeh son of  Supreme Master Mohammad Ali Alizadeh was born in 1342 in Isfahan.He in his childhood  Along with science and education began to learn the art of Chinese knots and Eslimi from his father,and with his father began to work.Master Alizadeh first independent work was done after the death of his father that it was Alam Home Repair that in relation to the work of the Secretary of Housing and Urban Architecture Prize in 1382 received.

Some Honors and Awards:

  • Architecture Award from the Secretary of Housing and Urban old new body in 1382
  • Making Chinese knots smallest window in the world (the first and only Chinese micro-nodes)
  • Chinese knot in the first round (only master the art of Chinese knot style round)

Types of wood used in the work:

 Sycamore wood, walnut wood, hornbeam Lumber, beech wood, ebony, answer Anab wood betel