Textile Industry
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In this profession, we use high quality and high quality wood to carry out projects, for example, the use of plain wood, walnut wood, hornbeam wood, beech wood, ebony wood, juniper and bean wood as a quality wood for projects. While improving the quality of work, increases the durability of these art projects

Smooth wood: Hardwood and hardwoods wooden, durable, well-knitted, made of furniture and sieve, laminating, as well as pillars of temples and mosques and the use of wooden tools. Pleated and non-powder cut (delicate items).

Walnut wood: Long-tailed walnut wood This tree is considered one of the most durable types of wood. This wood has a lot of strength and is used in the artistic and decorative industries. Among these are furniture manufacturing.

Hornbeam: Hornless hornbeam wood is white, lightweight, hard-walled, and semi-heavy. This wood is resistant to impact and wear, and it is used in paper making, particle board, fiber board, wagon, tool kit, tunnel sticks.

Beech wood: The apparent properties of beech wood are undefined and reddish-colored wormwood. The annulus is pressed annually, and consequently, in longitudinal sections, there are more or less distinct lines due to it. Of the most prominent features, it may be possible to point out the wooden blades in longitudinal sections that are known to be transversely in the radial section and are known at the tentacles of the Duc


Ebony wood: Ebony wood is seen in various colors, from yellow to white to brown and black, and includes various types such as black ebony, marble ebony, or marmalade Andaman ebony kakki. Ebony stick is used for making things like furniture, table, chairs and piano because of its hardness and strength.

Jujube Juice: A famous tree that grows like a tree (up to 6 meters in height), and olive and leaves are a bit thicker and longer than the broad leaves. The bark of its tree, red and its wood is also red, semi-colored and spiced. The wood is tight and hard.

Beetle wood: durable betel wood and its location is India, Pakistan and tropical Asia. The wood of this tree is greasy and soft and it is dry late. The color of its wood is garlic brown and it is considered as a broad-leaved family, and its trunk diameter sometimes reaches up to 60 cm. The betel is made of precious and expensive wood


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