The concept of the knot in the knot

Picking knotting method
تیر ۱۹, ۱۳۹۷
picking knot
تیر ۱۹, ۱۳۹۷

A node is a set of frequently geometric shapes that are arranged in an alignment in the same frame. The node frame is composed of a number of fields that are repeated inside the frame. Each nodal or so-called node node is a set of geometric instruments that are assigned to each of the They call node nodes, so they are in the Chinese node or knot unit node. Here it is necessary to point out that the stage of drawing the work is called the Chinese node and the practical stage of the task. Knot stage is actually a kind of technical drawing in traditional architecture Iran is considered

۱- Knot :

This is an integrated combination of various geometric roles within a defined framework

They are coordinated and complementary.
۲- Wagers:

The smallest component is the repeatability of each node, which is drawn in a definite manner in a defined framework. The callback is not used in the node execution alone, but after it is repeated in specific directions, the node is displayed.
۳٫ Units node (node ​​context):

A node is a part of the node that is replicated, and all node properties are obvious. The node unit can also be used alone in the implementation of the node and expanded in the broader framework. When they want to use the knot for performing an artwork. First, draw the corresponding length and width of the desired location, and then, by repeating the divergence, the nodal unit (node ​​nodes) is obtained. A look from the knot unit alone or, if necessary, extends it to decorate an artwork. The framework for drawing divergences in a variety of knots is square, rectangular and sometimes part of the circle.

Node concept
۴٫ Pliers:

That is, each unit of the total number of geometric designs placed in the same field (node ​​unit). So the unit works in a Chinese knot and knot. The organs are based on what is similar or inspired by which natural or artificial element. Different shapes and names are categorized into the following categories.

A. Plants-inspired node nodes

B) animal-inspired knot pins

C) Inscribed objects knit pens

D) Nodule-inspired joints of geometric shapes

E) Heart-inspired knot pins

And) abstract node pens

Each pen has a special shape that is named after natural objects or artifacts made by human hands. The reason is that when the artists created inspiration from their distant lands, they created a new design in accordance with their similarity. These names have been transmitted to the student through the chest over the years and remain until today.


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