Node names in the Picking node

Types of Chinese knot art
تیر ۱۹, ۱۳۹۷
Draw a knot in a wooden Picking knot
تیر ۱۹, ۱۳۹۷

Each node has its own name, which has chosen that name from the same knot product, and each plot is plotted in its own field and frame.
Types of nodes

The node is of seven types: the knot of the knot slowly loosens the loose knot and the loose knot of the knot of the groove. Each of them has many drawings and backgrounds that can be used to put together several types of pencils on a regular basis with different rules in different fields.

It has nodes of various types and fields. It is said to have seventy-two ventricles and, from each other, has the ability to form new nodes.


Chess Knot Architects:

The knot is very full of slopes and is famous for chess architects. What should be considered in the node is that it does not have the first one, that is, in the design of the knot, the joints are unique to the knot. Otherwise, if we repeat the design of the node along with it, the knitting needles complete each other and create a larger background.

The art of knotting in the architecture has special and computational rules. Any geometric shapes that make up a shape are not considered knots, and only knots are accepted and correct that, firstly, the instruments used for those well-known knitting machines are knit. Secondly, the nodes are accepted that they contain other tokens and nodes.

In addition, the frame of each node is drawn in its own field. So nodes that are not drawn in their own field, in which the shapes and angles of the pins will be changed, and the knot will be invalid, except for nodes that are skilled and knowledgeable masters of the ultimate knot nodes in various fields and nodes The handwriting, which is still in the context of the law of law, is correct and accepted


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