Types of Chinese knot art

picking knot node
تیر ۱۹, ۱۳۹۷
Node names in the Picking node
تیر ۱۹, ۱۳۹۷

Chinese knitting art has a variety of types of engraving, tiling, stucco, studs, work bricks, mirror work, stone work, and carpentry works such as carving of fences, doors and windows, wooden decor and woodcarving, and forging. Similarly used.

The Chinese knot is called a decorative artifact that is artistically drawn with distinct rules, and is made up of fragments and arranged together to form an overall shape and can be used in many places. In the head Doors, scrolls, windows and arches made the knot with brick, gypsum, tile, mirror and wood.

Iranian architecture is a completely geometric architecture and geometry plays a role in the formation of this architecture. In ancient Persian thought and culture, roles and geometric shapes were a symbol of the universe and the world of creation. As in the ancient Mithra’i religion, The most common ritual of Iranians, Chilipa is the symbol of the earth and its four directions, and the four holy elements, and the broken chalipa, which is called Iranian culture, the peak of the sun or the sunset, is a symbol of the sun.


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